Regina Red Sox Billet Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a host family for one or more of the Regina Red Sox players.

The Red Sox are thrilled to be a part of the Regina community and excited about the upcoming season in the WCBL league. The standard of behavior we expect from our players is high, and you as the host family have the authority to demand a standard that could be expected by any prudent parent. The Regina Red Sox season runs from late May until mid-August. Accordingly, host families are required for non-Regina players beginning around May 21st. Players will be leaving at the end of the Red Sox season, which is approximately August 17.

As you may have noticed from the website, a number of the Red Sox players are currently playing at universities and colleges all over North America. These players share one thing in common, they are combining the pursuit of their dreams in baseball with a commitment to completing their academic goals as well. This requires dedication and commitment, and you will find that this drive translates into college players that are admirable young men. They are polite, respectful and grateful. The Red Sox play approximately 56 games in 90 days, half of these on the road.

The principal role of the host family will be to provide accommodation. With the players at the field for so many days and playing in such an aggressive schedule, accommodation is first and foremost. The player will need to be provided with a bed or suitable sleeping accommodation, ensuring the player’s privacy. Make the billets feel at home and inform them of your house rules, including telephone and computer usage, food, guests and visitor rules, etc.

To a lesser degree, host families will be expected to provide meals. Provide billets with three nutritional meals per day – you are not required to prepare the billet’s meals, however you must ensure there is food for the billet to prepare himself should he need to make his own meals. To this extent, host families can assist with transportation (for example, dropping a player off at the clubhouse) that would be helpful but is not required. We do not recommend you lend out your vehicle to your player. Laundry facilities must be provided – you are not required to do his laundry for him.

Host families are not permitted to organize unofficial parties or outings without the permission of the team officials. When your player is out, it is courtesy for him to advise you of his whereabouts and expected time of return. A curfew could be implemented by the coaching staff which as a host family you are obligated to support. Do not lend your player money. Confirm any medical conditions, allergies, food restrictions, etc. with your player.

You will be compensated $550 per month and provided with game tickets to all Red Sox home games. If there are any budding baseball stars in the family, Red Sox players also serve as excellent mentors and coaches for some informal instruction in the backyard. Any host family preferring to donate their hospitality for the short summer season, will receive our sincere gratitude.


We hope this information will help to make the billeting of a player an enjoyable experience, and again thank you for your assistance.


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If you have any questions or concerns, host families are advised to contact the Billet Coordinator:

Nancy Legard

Cell: 539-6082