May 18, 2017

As we approach the 2017 WMBL season we had a chance to sit down with Red Sox Manager Mitch McDonald.

Q: Heading into your second season as manager, what can fans expect from the 2017 Red Sox team?

MM: I think fans can expect to see a quality ball team that competes hard each night.  Thats our goal when constructing the roster every year so that fans feel their hard earned money is well spent at the ballpark.  I don’t think thats too much for fans to ask of us.

Q: You have a good mix of returning players  – How does a veteran presence from Jordan Schulz benefit the new incoming Red Sox players?

MM: Jordan being a multiple year returner adds a ton of value to our team, not just being a quality player but he can help the new guys come in and acclimate quicker, what it means to be on the Red Sox and the expectations of every player when they put on that uniform.

Q: How did recruiting go this off-season?

MM: We feel strong about the roster we’ve put together, things are always changing and spots open for various reasons but we like where we are right now.  We put together an idea of kind of what we’re looking for in September and try to find guys that fit with what we’re trying to do.  We’ll know for sure how it went in the middle of August.

Q: Who are the key new comers fans should be excited about this season?

MM: Its tough to pinpoint on any one guy coming in.  Its going to take a complete team effort to win games and each guy is going to have a different role, how we do rests with each guy doing their job.  We’ve tried to build a roster that we think is capable of winning ball games and having a little bit of everything to it.

Q: What does it mean to the team to be playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Currie Field?

MM: I think its actually a little bit of a shock for some players, in a good way of course.  A lot of guys come up to Regina used to playing in front of a handful of people.

I think the fan support Regina gives our club is great, its what makes playing in Regina special for these young men and its a selling point to get them to come up.  For a lot of them it will be as close to a Minor league feel as they will get and thats to the fans credit that players feel that way.

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