2018 Voucher Packs

Red Sox Voucher Tickets

Voucher Packs are un-dated vouchers that can be redeemed for any home game during the 2018 season. You get to decide what game you want to attend, where to sit and how many tickets to use. Use them all at once or spread them out over the entire season. It’s your decision… it’s that simple.

For businesses, Voucher Packs are a great way to treat clients, promote new business, reward employees or even plan a company outing.

For individuals, Voucher Packs are great for those that want to support the Sox but are unsure when they will be able to attend due to their busy schedules.

2018 Voucher Pack Prices

Premium Green Seats

Premium Green Seats 10 game voucher packs: $130.00

Premium Green Seats 20 Game voucher packs: $240.00

Designated seat(s) available for each game.

Bleacher Silver Seats

Bleacher Silver Seats 10 game voucher packs: $90.00

Bleacher Silver Seats 20 game voucher packs: $160.00

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